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Friday, 7 August 2009

FAQ's at CreekSoft Blog


Q. Are your resources free?
A. Yes, all my resources provided in this blog are completley free.

Q. Why do you provide free resources when you could make money from them?
A. I enjoy creating resources for people and seeing the outcome of what can be made from them. I also do not think there are enough free resources available on the internet. I also like the challenge.

Q. Are you ever going to charge for your resources?
A. I do not plan on charging for my resources, however if I get a high demand of requests I may make 'premium packs' but that is well in the future. I will always provide free resources.

Q. What does CreekSoft mean?
A. CreekSoft is an anagram of 'Free Stock'.


Q. How do I download your Resource Sets & Packs?
A. Below each post you will see the text 'Download', below the text will be a link to the file.

Q. Ok, I figured out to download, but it has taken me to another website. What is Rapidshare?
A. Rapidshare is a file hosting website, and can be completely free if you want to. Just select the 'Free User' option and wait a few seconds for the download to be ready.

Q. Are you sure Rapidshare is safe?
A. Completely sure, I use Rapidshare frequently.

Q. I downloaded the file but I cannot open it?
A. The files are in .rar format. Which packs the content neatly. You need a program such as 'WinRAR' or '7-Zip'. See here &
7-Zip is free. Once you have downloaded either application, you simply 'Right Click' the file from Creeksoft and 'Extract'. If you are still confused, E-mail me and I will gladly help.


Q. Can I make requests for future resources?
A. Absolutely, infact I encourage it.

Q. Where can I send my requests to?
A. You may E-mail me your requests at: KatiBear.creeksoft[at]
(replace the [at] with @) This has been done to prevent spam.

If you have any more questions regarding this blog or my resources, please e-mail me at the above e-mail.

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